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We offer a variety of training programs depending on your specific training needs.

Vicidial has a great deal of power and flexibility and therefore requires that you understand many of its settings and controls. We will walk you through the basic settings and controls in Vicidial and ensure you understand how to get Vicidial to a point where you have a functioning call center.

We also offer full, four day, in depth training courses. These courses cover Vicidial Executive training, Vicidial Manager training, and Vicidial Administration training. Graduates of the full four day training course should have no problems setting up, configuring, managing, customizing, and even debugging a full Vicidial system.

Beside of these dedicated Vicidial Courses we also offer a One Asterisk course for starters which will get you started in working with the asterisk backend of Vicidial. This Course only covers Vicidial relevant basics, because it would otherwise take several days, if not a week or more.

Currently English language training in Germany is purely offered on a per request basis and would have to be paid at our individual training rate. As an advantage for you we however can offer you a on-site training at your facility. Prices start at 1200€ for the first day and 800€ for every consecutive day. UG (haftungsbeschränkt) © 2013–2018
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