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We offer several regular scheduled training sessions per Year in German at our Company location just less than 30 minutes away from the Frankfurt- Hahn Airport.
Check out the links on the left for a overview of the topics we cover in those trainings.

If you are looking for the english Training in Florida please check out Matt Florells website Website.

We also offer On-Site Training in all of Europe upon request. Training can be given in German or English (that is fluent English, not translating from German).

We have scheduled only one regular english training per year! Check the dates on the right hand side!

Day one and two are called the Manager Training and focus on skills required for day to day operations of Vicidial. We will cover the Agent and Admin Interface as well as a number of common Problems, Pitfalls and Options with not always expected side effects. This Training is limited to 12 participants. And will include some "hands on" either on your System or one of our hosted virtual systems.

Day 3 and 4 are dedicated to more Admin Interface Features, as well as Installing, Configuring, Performance, Integration with other Systems, etc. We call this the Admin Training. For which we have more than 30 hours of topics to choose from, the class will decide in how much detail which of them are going to be covered. This training is for at most 6 participants.

Day 5 is basically there to cover anything that still has to be covered in topics from the last two days and is ment for people who want to be able to service larger vicidial installations. We are talking about some of the problems you might run into and how to fix them.

The cost for the full 5 day training is 2500,00 €. The days one and two (Manager Training) or 3 and 4 (Admin Training) can be booked seperately, the fifth day is only available with the full admin training.
Simple lodging, breakfast and Lunch are included in the price.
Any extra participants for the same training can be signed up for a reduced price.
Extra days in the Hotel are available at reasonable rates.

We offer free shuttle service between Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and the training location, which is only about 10 minutes away from our Office.
(Attention: Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is not very close to Frankfurt itself however close to our office and we can not offer free shuttle service to Frankfurts main airport!)

You can find multiple connections daily from all of Europe to Frankfurt-Hahn at
at very affordable rates! Make sure to book your luggage in advance! Charges to add more luggage later can cost easily more than several tickets!

We also offer closed- and on-site- trainings as well.

Cost for a closed training at a local hotel (the same where we do our trainings at) is 800,00 € per day, additional participants 100,00 € per day, this includes Simple lodging, breakfast and lunch. Your advantage is that you can pick whatever we will cover. This training might be best for someone or a team that already has some vicidial experience since we will be able to pick you up exactly where you are.

On-Site Training

On-Site training at your location, which has the advantage that we can look at your setup locally and might spot more and better topics to talk about, but also the disadvantage that we might get carried away or get disrupted too much. Some On-Site trainings end up taking longer and covering less topics because they suddenly start to include a co-work session analysing and fixing problems! If you have a system that has to be up and running by a certain time that might be your best option, if you want to see the "full picture" a regular training will not fix your System but will give you more insight into the matter!

We charge 1250,00 € for the first day and 850,00 € for up to 4 consecutive days, all plus travel expenses, lodging, etc.

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